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21./22. September 2024
Hochschule für Musik Saar, Bismarkstraße 1, 61111 Saarbruecken


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Flute Days Saarbruecken 2024
An international Franco-German flute event

Rendez-vous à Saarbruecken: The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Flöte e.V. is organising the International Flute Days on 21 and 22 September 2024 at the University for Musik Saar in Saarbruecken. Visitors can look forward to numerous concerts, exhibitions, workshops, masterclasses and an extra youth programme over the weekend.

Strong partners: The event is organised in cooperation with the Saar University of Music and with the support of the Association Jean-Pierre Rampal and the French flute society La Traversière. Participants can expect a varied programme ranging from baroque to modern music, with workshops in which pedagogical and historical topics as well as relaxation techniques for flutists will be presented. One focus will be on honouring the life's work of DGfF President András Adorján, who will be 80 years old in September. A Fluteenie programme for young people aged 10-18 is connected to the Flute Days. 

Special highlight: the Flute Days flute orchestra! Under the direction of Gareth McLearnon, all Flute Days participants can play in a special flute orchestra. 

Tickets for the Flute Days 2024 are available from May 01. on

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What to expect in Saarbruecken?

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