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21.22. September 2024
Hochschule für Musik Saar, Bismarkstraße 1, 61111 Saarbruecken

Workshops, Lectures, Seminars

  • «The soul of the flute» – The 80. Birthday of András Adorján (with Denis Verroust)

  • «Intelligent Systems and AI in classical Music» – Examples from the Practice (with Martin Henneke)

  • «Blowing Down Tubes for a Living» – which is all about being an entrepreneurial flutist and the different income streams one can earn from a flute-centred life? (mit Gareth McLearnon)

  • «Fit in 15 Minutes» – Effective Strategies for Practicing and Playing (with Elisabeth Weinzierl & Edmund Wächter)

  • «Relaxed Breathing for Flutists» (with Stephanie Wagner)

  • «New Literatur for the Flute» (with Claudia Wälder-Jene)

  • «Böhm- or Traversflute: Telemann fantasies in the mirror of the two flutes» – Demonstration on the 8th Fantasy in E minor (with Moshe Epstein)

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