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Doina Rotaru – «Composer in Residence»

The Romanian composer Doina Rotaru has written outstanding contemporary works for flute. She has been invited as «Composer in Residence» for the Flute Festival in Freiburg where her manifold compositions for flute were presented and explained.


 «Doina Rotaru has an unique and a very distinguishable style, which is founded on an archetypal aesthetic: sound and timbre patterns going back to primary Romanian and trans geographical folklore as well as structural principles of symbolic value and function, circular and spiral shapes, sacred numbers.» (Irinel Anghel.)

Born in 1951, Romanian composer Doina Rotaru earned a B.A. and a M.A in composition at the National University of Music in Bucharest. Since 1996 she has been a professor of composition and, between 2008 and 2013, appointed as head of the composition department at the same university.


She composed so far over 120 works that cover almost every musical genre: solo, chamber, orchestral works, music for choir, works that mix instrumental with electronics.


Her music has been performed in many concerts and festivals all over the world: Europe, Far-East, Australia, Canada, North  and South-America. Some of these were «Author concerts». Some of Doina Rotaru's works have been commissioned by Radio France, Radio Graz, Suntory Hall Tokyo, French Ministry of Culture, Warsaw Autumne Festival, ensembles and soloists from France, Germany, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Iceland. 


Doina Rotaru was awarded a prize by the Romanian Academy (Bucharest,1996) and 11 prizes of the Romanian Composers' Association between 1981and 2019. For her 2nd Symphony, she’s won in 1994 the first prize at the Gedok - Mannheim International Competition (Germany). 

She was invited as a lecturer about her music to

  • Germany (Darmstadt Summer Courses for New Music 1992 and 1994),

  • Holland (Amsterdam Gaudeamus International Composers’ Workshop 1990 and 1992),

  • England (Huddersfield University 1995 and Brighton 1995),

  • Japan (Tokyo Suntory Hall 2001 and Akiyoshidai Art Village 2011),

  • Iceland (Skalholt 2006),

  • France (Paris and Lille, 2009),

  • Sweden (Stockholm Royal Academy 2010),

  • Italy, Poland and Spain.


CDs with her music have been produced by ATTACCA Records Amsterdam, Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation, ELECTRECORD  Bucharest, MPS United Kingdom, NOVA MUSICA, L’EMPREINTE DIGITALE and MEGALONE France, SONOTON Germany, STRADIVARIUS Italy.


Her works are published by the Musical Publishing House (Editura Muzicala) in Bucharest, Éditions Leduc and Henry Lemoine in Paris, as well as by Babel Scores.


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Flute solo

  • "Legend"for flute (7'), 1984 (Ed. Notissimo/Leduc, Paris)

  • "dor"for Alto flute ( 10'), 1989 (Ed.Notissimo/Leduc, Paris)

  • "Tempio di Fumo" for flute (11'), 1996  (Ed.Notissimo/Leduc, Paris)

  • «Dragon Fly» (Libellule) for piccolo (5'40), 2000 (Ed. Babel Scores)

  • "Japanese garden"for Bass flute (doubl.piccolo) and electronics (11'10) 2006 , Ms.

  • «Mithya»  Cycle of 3 works, 2007:

    •   Mithya I- “dans l'ésprit d'une prière”, 6' (Ed.Muzicala Bucuresti, BabelScores)

    • Mithya II- “comme une colinda”,6'30 

    • Mithya III- “comme une doina” ,4'

  • «Cantus austerus» for alto flute (9'), 2009, Ms.

  • «Epistrophe» for flute (8'30) 2009, Ms.

  • «Jyotis» for flute (13'), 2017, (Ed.Muzicala Bucuresti), commissioned by Radio France.

Flute duo

  • «Aux portes du reve» for flute and 1 percussion player ( 13'), 1985, Ms.

  • «Spiralis III»for alto flute and guitar (9'), 1992, Ms

  • "Overtime"for Shakuhachi (D) and Bass flute ( 8'10), 1992, Ms.

  • «Crystals»for flute and piano (11'30), 2002 (Ed.Muzicala Bucuresti, BabelScores)

  • «diad» for flute and clarinet (7'), 2007, Ms.

  • "Elegy"for flute and piano,(6'), 2011 (Editura UNMB)

  • "Uroboros" for 2 flutes (8'), 1998 - rev. 2013 (BabelScores)

Flute trio 

  • «Epistrophe II» for 3 flutes (10'), 2013, Ms.

Flute quartet

  • "Jeu de miroirs" for 4 flutes (13') 1984 ( Ed. Leduc, Paris)

  • «Tristia» for 4 bass flutes (doubling 2 picc. and 2 flutes),10', 2005 - rev. 2011 “à la memoire de Y. Taira”

  • «Il Piano del Ghiaccio» for 4 flutes (11'30) 2016, Ms.(commissioned by “Tétraflûtes” ensemble Switzerland)

flute ensemble

  • "Ogives"for 10 flutes (12'), 2016, Ms., Written for Zagreb Flute ensemble

Flute chamber music

  • «clock»for flute, piano and percussion (15'30), 1987 Ms.

  • «troite»trio for flute, piano percussion (15'), 1989, Ms.

  • «Crystal II» for flute, piano, and percussion (13'30), 2003, Ms.

  • «Prana-Apana» for flute (doubl. bass flute), cello and percussion(12'), 2006, Ms.

  • «Salcia»for flute and 4 percussion players (13'), 2011, Ms.

  • "Pan" for 3 flutes and soprano (9')- 2013,Ms. (commissioned by Théâtre Ranelagh Paris)            

Flute and Orchestra

  • Concerto I for flute (doubl. picc.and  alto fl.), 2 percussion players and 13 strings (15'), 1986 (Ed.Muzicala Bucuresti)

  • Concerto II «Spiralis II»for flute (doubl.alto fl.and bass fl.) and orchestra (19'30) 1991,Ms.

  • Concerto III «Magical Cercles»for flute (doubl. picc., alto fl. and  bass fl.) and orchestra ( 22') 1993, Ms. commissioned by Radio France

  • Concerto V "L'Ange avec une seule aile"for flute(doubl. piccolo and alto fl) and orchestra (18') 2010, Ms.(commissioned by Warsaw Autumn Festival 2010)

Flute Orchestra

  • «Florilegium», 4thConcerto  for flute and flutes orchestra-24 flutes(16'), 1996, Ms.

  • «Wings of Light»for 24 flutes (15') 2000, Ms. (commissioned by French Ministry of Culture)

  • «5 Vitralii» (5 stained glass windows) for 24 flutes and electronics (17'30), 2003, Ms.

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